Thursday, April 4, 2019

To My Michael's Students: Things Are Changing, But I'm Not Leaving

I have announcement for everyone who has taken classes with me at Michael’s and/or wants to in the future.

My role as a knitting and crochet teacher at Michael’s is changing drastically, but I want everyone to understand that I’m still here to teach.

Basically, all the “adult” instructors who do paid classes are becoming independent contractors. This is through the Community Classroom program. I just submitted my first proposal to teach Beginning Knitting.

It’s nice to have some control over the syllabus and projects, but I will lose flexibility with the schedule. This means no more Saturday classes. I won’t be able to schedule over other classes and work in the break room like I have in the past. I must work with a third party to schedule all classes.

It also means I may not be the only knit and crochet instructor at the Michael’s in Sunset Valley. And if so, the more the merrier!

The cool thing is that I can do stuff besides knitting and crochet, as long as Michael’s sells the supplies for it. And you may get the chance to take some unique classes with other instructors. Anyone can apply.

Also, please let me know if there is something else you'd like to learn. If I'm good enough to teach it, I'll try.

As an independent contractor, by definition, I can’t beexclusive to that employer. So my plan is to start teaching at Starbucks to anyone whose needs don’t fit the class structure.

Kids Club, Camp Creativity, MAKE Breaks and other kids and family programs are NOT changing. I will continue to do these. In fact, you may see me more, because I won’t have to take off for Open House, and I will be free to do all the MAKE Breaks.

More details to come. I intend to use this blog more often.

Here are my projects for Beginning Knitting, but, as always, that doesn’t mean you must make these.

Beginning Knitting 6