Friday, April 15, 2011

FO: A Flower for Katie's Hair

A Flower for Katie's Hair

You may remember that I added a Little Flower with Leaves to my Tree Sweater. Katie saw it, and said "I want one."

"For what?"

"I don't know. To wear in my ponytail?"

Flower Hair Band

So I planned on making her a flower and sewing it to hair band for her birthday. Of course, I waited until the very last minute, and she showed up before I could finish crocheting. I only needed about ten more minutes to finish on time, but the cake took longer than I expected. I finished it up a few days later, but it took while to have a "photo shoot." I only wanted a picture with it in her hair, but she kept asking me to wait until she washed her hair.*

Flower Hair Band

I used very small amounts of Lily Sugar'n Cream in Hot Blue, Hot Green and Hot Orange and a US Size H/5.00 mm hook. I thought the cotton yarn looked better than acrylic for something she would wear. More handmade than homemade. I sewed it to a hair band, which looks homemade from the back.

We're debating whether this flower is upside down in the first picture. I say the leaves should be on the bottom. Katie says it doesn't matter. Most of the other flowers have the leaves closer to the middle, but the petals would have covered them up if I had placed them there.

This didn't take very long, but next time I'll start earlier.

 * - I'll be nice and point out that she does wash her hair more often. I just kept seeing her on the days she hadn't washed it.

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