Saturday, January 8, 2011

FO: Foo-Foo

Foo-Foo on the surprising realistic apples

Foo-Foo with the surprisingly realistic apples.

This Christmas I was broke, so I tried to make most of my gifts. (I'll blog more about those other gifts later.) But my back and neck were hurting, so I was limited in what I could do. I pushed myself really hard to finish everything on time, but I had to give up before I finished two of my gifts. I ended up hurting really badly Christmas Eve anyway.

So while I was house sitting I finished up the last two gifts. One gift involved downloading, organizing and burning CD's of all the pictures Mom and Dad have taken since 2006. The other gift was Foo-Foo.

Foo-Foo with the shells

Foo-Foo on the bookshelf with the shells.

Foo-Foo decided to explore the house after I finished her. The first picture was her with the surprising realistic looking apples. The picture above is her with some shells on a bookshelf. The homeowners have all sorts wonderful little details for her to explore.

Foo-Foo by the decorative plate on the mantel

Foo-Foo by the decorative plate on the mantel.

Foo-Foo was a gift for Dad in honor of Bunny Foo-Foo* and to thank him for all the ways he helped me with her. Dad and Bunny Foo-Foo were very close. When Bunny Foo-Foo was at home, Dad would share tortilla chips with her, so Foo-Foo came with a bag of tortilla chips.

Foo-Foo in the Christmas Tree

Foo-Foo in the Christmas tree.

Foo-Foo was knit from the Knitted Bunny Pattern from HeartStrings FiberArts. I used US size 6 needles and about half a skein of Moda Dea Dream in Nutmeg (color 3335.)

Foo-Foo with the Knick Knacks

Foo-Foo on another shelf in the bookshelf.

The Knitted Bunny is pretty cool. You knit a perfect square, fold it like origami and sew it up. Of course, my square wasn't perfectly square, and I was impatient with the measurements, so I had to fudge sewing the legs a little bit. That is probably why she has a pinhead and a big butt.

(I realized after she was done that there was measuring tape in my bag.)

Foo-Foo on the globe

Foo-Foo on top of the world!

The ears are the only part knit separately from the main square. I knit them using "Barbara White's Ears Variation, " which is listed on the pattern's website. You end up with a line of stockinette stitches going up the ear to help them stand up. Mine are still a bit on the floppy side. Also, they were a little big for the head, so I sewed them so they overlapped.

Foo-Foo on the Piano

Foo-Foo on the piano.

Foo-Foo's eyes are black pony beads I had in my craft stash. The original bunny doesn't have eyes, but I thought she needed some. The sewing is a little chunky so the eyes bug out a bit. I also "borrowed" a cotton ball from the homeowners for the tail.

Foo-Foo in the Flowers

Foo-Foo in the flowers.

There is an entire set of pictures of Foo-Foo here, including more adventures and closer looks at some of the details. I hope you check them out. They're lots of fun.

Dad and Foo-Foo

Dad with Foo-Foo.

Now that Dad has Foo-Foo, she is probably done traveling. She's in his office, watching over everyone. I may make another Knitted Bunny for myself just for some Flat Stanley style traveling.

* - If you're confused, Bunny Foo-Foo was the real bunny. The stuffed bunny is simply named "Foo-Foo."

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