Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in my Eye...

Mom's Birthday Cake

Earlier tonight (or technically yesterday), we celebrated Mom's birthday. I made the cake once again. I think I should have left off a design element or two, but it's more fun than your average birthday cake. Still, it's no Monster Cake. It's a lemon cake and lemon frosting, so I added lemons, things that are yellow and things that complement yellow. The lemon slices got kind of soggy over time. Next time I'll skip the fruit.

Mom's birthday is actually Apr. 21, but we moved it tonight. Partly because Dad works late on Thursdays, and partly because tomorrow I get a needle in my eye.

OK, so the needle isn't actually going *in* my eye. It's going right above my eye, into my Supraorbital Nerve. I don't know any rhymes about Supraorbital Nerves, so I've been making this joke for at least a week now.

I'm convinced this has to be it. I can't believe I've had this headache for more than a year now. This solution makes a lot of sense.  This has to be the solution.

I'm still having upper back, neck and shoulder pain, but I've had some fairly mild pain days recently. Mild enough that I cut back a little more on one of my painkillers. If the headache is solved, I'm hoping I'll have enough momentum to push through and get my life back on track.

The Crafty Cripple is probably in the hospital for her surgery right now. Unlike her, I don't have a bunch of projects planned for recovery. I'll be home in the early afternoon, back to "normal" by Friday and I haven't been able to get to the storage unit for the yarn I need to continue my project. Hopefully we'll both be fixed soon.

Now it's time for my last snack before I have to fast.

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