Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is This Your Bird?

"Blue Boy"

If this is your bird, you better claim him soon. We're working on naming him.

Last week this little guy flew up to our neighbors at the UPS Store at the corner of Westgate Blvd and William Cannon last Friday. It was like he was looking for help. Since we already have a bird, they came to us for advice. We gave them food for a few days, put signs up around the neighborhood, I posted him on Craigslist and Pet Harbor and I filed a lost pet report with the city. So far, we had an offer to adopt him, but no word from the owner.

A couple of days later the neighbors gave him to us because they were getting too attached. We were close to asking the person who offered to adopt to pick him up, but Katie has convinced Aaron to take him in.

This is one last shot at finding the owner before we name him. The neighbor dubbed him "Blue Boy." I've been pushing for Geoffrey Peterson.

Comment here if he's yours.

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