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September Knitting Class Schedule for Michael's in Sunset Valley and Westlake - Plus 3 More Days to Save 25% on Classes

I'm back with the schedule for classes in September, just in time for you take advantage of the current class discount. Also, we're joining squares next weekend for Warm Up America. But between it all, with the help of my new knitting friends at Englewood Estates, I finished all my knitting student teaching hours! Once they are approved, I'll get a certificate and a pin to wear on my vest from the Craft Yarn Council, and I'll be official.

Get 25% off Most Knitting Classes until August 27*

The two and a half hour knitting classes have been marked down from $25 to $18.75. You can go ahead and sign up for classes scheduled for September now so you can get the discount.

*What does "most" mean? Kids weaving classes are not included. Also, Arm Knitting, which is normally $10, is not included. Everything else on my schedule is eligible for the discount.

Join us August 31 to Join Squares for Warm Up America

I'll have more information about this later in the week. The Sunset Valley Michael's has lots of squares for Warm Up America that need to be sewn together. You do not need to know how to knit or crochet to help. We'll be donating the blanket to Front Steps, a local organization that helps the homeless. Come join us from 2 pm to 5 pm on Sunday, August 31 at the Michael's in Sunset Valley. We'll be in the classroom.

The September 2014 Schedule

Without any further ado, here is the schedule for the Michael's stores in Sunset Valley and Westlake for September 2014:

Beginning Knitting - No Experience Needed

These two classes, Knit Simple Scarf and Knit Beginner 1, are designed for students with no knitting experience. However, they are also good for those who haven't knit for a while and need a review, or people who are having difficulty learning on their own. Of course, anyone who wants to join us to make one of these projects is welcomed.

Each class offers different projects that teach the same basic skills. Both classes teach casting on (putting stitches on the needle), knit stitch, binding off (taking stitches off the needle), weaving in ends and a basic understanding of yarn and knitting tools. Knit Beginner 1 also covers basic seaming, and the Simple Scarf Class teaches how to make fringe.

Also, if you want to take the Ruffled Scarf class, these classes will teach you the prerequisite skills you need.

Knit Beginner 1: Hat or Mitts - $25
Saturday, September 13 from 3 pm until 5:30 pm at Michael's in Sunset Valley
Sunday, September 14 from  2 pm until 4:30 pm at Michael's in Westlake

Select your favorite colors and start making your own hat or wrist warmers that you'll be proud to wear or give as gifts. You choose one project for the class, but you will get patterns for both. You can look at the sample hat and cuffs I made here.
 photo b19dfa82-d6e5-41b2-9c19-570ce8e27dbf.jpg photo 3c9177a3-0aa7-4a18-a68a-31c8772f2214.jpg

Knit Simple Scarf - $25
Saturday, September 6 from 3 pm until 5:30 pm at Michael's in Sunset Valley
Sunday, September 7 from 2 pm until 4:30 pm at Michael's in Westlake

Knit on large needles with fringe accents, this scarf drapes beautifully and is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Knit Simple Scarf photo K18_CYC_Knit-Simple-Scarf_0.jpg

Arm Knitting - No Experience Needed - $10
Thursday, September 18 from 6 pm until 7 pm at Michael's in Sunset Valley
Tuesday, September 16 from 6 pm until 7 pm at Michael's in Westlake

According to The Wall Street Journal, "Arm knitting combines several things that are appealing to millennials: crafts projects, chunky knitwear (featured on the fall 2013 runways), social media and instant gratification." Of course, this innovative new craft is for people of all ages who have two arms.

Choose from four different projects using different types of yarn, including three cowls and a shawl. Pick one for the class, but you'll receive patterns for all four projects so you can try them all. (Pictures of more of the patterns are coming soon. However, the left picture is me arm knitting at a demo, and the right picture is the Sashay Arm Knit Cowl sample I made.)

               Arm Knitting Demo            Sashay Arm Knit Cowl at Demo - 5/3/2014

Beginner Classes: Learn the Purl Stitch

These classes are designed for people who have taken Knit Beginner 1 or the Knit Simple Scarf Class or knitters who know the knit stitch but haven't gotten to the purl stitch yet. As always, any knitter with the prerequisite skills can join us, even if they are more advanced. In these classes we will focus on learning the purl stitch, a skill that can be used to add new textures to your knitting.

Knit Beginner 2 - Neck Warmer or Tassel Hat - $25
Prerequisites: Casting On, Knit Stitch, Binding Off
 photo 451ebf09-39f9-4c23-93e5-2bce52d90c86.jpg photo 60d9a448-9798-405a-a129-54f3bb80f5bf.jpg

Now that you know the basics of knitting, you are ready to learn the purl stitch! Create a hat or neck warmer. You will choose one pattern for the class, but you will receive patterns for both projects.

Knit Jersey Pillow - $25
Prerequisites: None (See the paragraph below for details)
Thursday, September 25 from 5:30 pm until 8 pm at Michael's in Sunset Valley
Tuesday, September 23 from 5:30 pm until 8 pm at Michael's in Westlake

Knit Jersey Pillow photo K19_CYC_Knit-Jersey-Pillow_1.jpg

You’ll love resting your head on this pillow because this unique yarn has a T-shirt look and feel.

About the Knit Jersey Pillow class prerequisites: Beginners usually learn the knit stitch first and then the purl stitch. However, the Knit Jersey Pillow class is designed to teach beginners how to purl first. So it can either be taken as a first class, or after Knit Beginner 1 or the Knit Simple Scarf class to learn how to purl. However, if you take Knit Jersey pillow first, I suggest taking a beginner knitting course also so you know the knit stitch as well.

Advanced Beginner Classes

This is your chance to take your knitting to the next level. These classes cover skills like Cables, decreasing, increasing, cables and working with specialty yarns. Be sure to check the prerequisites before signing up.
Knit Ruffled Scarves (Discover Time Knitting) - $25*
Prerequisites: Knit Stitch, Binding Off
Thursday, September 4 from 5:30 pm until 8 pm at Michael's in Sunset Valley
Wednesday, September 10, from 5:30 pm until 8 pm at Michael's in Westlake

Ruffle yarns and ruffled scarves have become very popular recently. This is a chance to make your own ruffled scarf and get comfortable using these yarns. To get the look in the picture below, use Patons Pirouette, but you can use any ruffle yarn for this class, including (but not limited to) Red Heart Boutique Sashay, Premier Starbella and others. Once you get the hang of it, you'll want to try them all. (I know I did. Or at least I got pretty close.)

*This class is listed as "Discover Knit: Time for Knit" online.

 photo d75c98db-d63e-4167-912e-e5120894b035.jpg

Knit Baby Hat - $25
Prerequisites: Cast On, Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Bind Off
Tuesday, August 26 from 5:30 pm until 8 pm at Michael's in Westlake
Friday, September 19 from 5 pm until 7:30 pm at Michael's in Sunset Valley
Tuesday, September 2 from 6 pm until 8:30 pm at Michael's in Westlake

Knit Baby Hat photo K21_CYC_Knit_Baby_Hat_0.jpg

Baby will look so stylish in this beautiful hat, and you'll learn about decreasing. Crown shaping ensures a perfect fit. (Personally, I'm fond of the swirl that forms at the top of the hat.)

Knit Twisted Headband - $25
Prerequisites: Cast On, Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Bind Off
Wednesday, August 27 from 5:30 pm until 8 pm at Michael's in Westlake
Friday, September 12 from 6 pm until 8:30 pm at Michael's in Sunset Valley
Tuesday, September 30 from 6 pm until 8:30 pm at Michael's in Westlake

Knit Twisted Headband photo K20_CYC_Knit_Twisted_Headband_0.jpg

It’s a headband with a twist! Two cable stitches create the design and the ribbing ensures a perfect fit. (There's also a picture of me wearing mine on my Facebook page.)

Kids Weaving Classes – Recommended for Age 7 and Up 

I'm offering classes for kids using Clover Weaving Sticks. When you use these weaving sticks, the “warp” yarn is thread through the holes at the bottom of the sticks, while the “weft” yarn is woven in between the sticks. It’s a twist on traditional weaving that is fun and quick.

Kids Weaving - Monsters - $15 

Kids Weaving - Monsters photo W1_CYC_Kids-Weaving-Monster_0.jpg

These wiggle-eyed monsters will be a child’s best friend and perfect for decorating a backpack.

Kids Weaving - Monster Scarves - $25* 
Kids Weaving - Monster Scarf photo W2_CYC_Kids-Weaving-Monster-Scarf_0.jpg

Kids will love this scarf with its fun monster mitts! (*Monster Scarf classes are more expensive than the other weaving classes, because the project is bigger and the class itself is an hour longer.)

Kids Weaving - Headband with Bow - $15 

Kids Weaving - Headband photo W3_CYC_Kids-Weaving-Headband-with-Bow_0.jpg

Choose your favorite yarn colors and wrap it around four weaving sticks to create this eye-catching headband and bow.

Things to Remember About Signing Up for Classes
  • You need to sign up for classes and pay ahead of time. You can sign up for classes both in store and online. The links above should take you to the proper page for signing up for that class.
  • Ideally, you should try to sign up at least 24 hours before the class starts. When there is less than 24 hours left before the class, you won't be able to sign up online anymore. However, I usually accept in-store sign ups until the morning of the class, or sometimes as late as a couple of hours before the class. However, signing up at least 24 hours before the class is the only way to truly guarantee you a spot.
  • You can always get 10% off your class materials by showing your receipt and syllabus for the class to the cashier when you check out.
  • Usually, you should have no problem signing up for classes online. However, if you find a mistake in the schedule, please let me know so we can fix it.
  • I take requests! If you want to take a class, but it isn't at a convenient time,  you want to take a different class from the Discover Knit program or if you want to learn a skill that isn't covered in the courses, let me know. I can probably accommodate you.
  • Always feel free to contact me about anything related to the classes, including materials for the class, the curriculum or any basic questions about knitting in general. My e-mail is sallyvillarreal AT gmail DOT com . You can also e-mail me to get on my mailing list. Every month I e-mail next month's schedule to everyone on the list.
Thanks for checking out my classes. See you in the classroom!

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