Monday, November 10, 2008

Yarn that makes me want to Om Nom Nom Nom!

After everything that happened last week, I did make it to Kid 'n Ewe. Unfortunately, my camera didn't. I'll have more on that later.

For now, I've already started spinning some of the fiber I bought.

The "Cookie Monster" <span class=

Does this shade of blue look familiar?

That's right, the originator of the Om Nom Nom Nom himself. Cookie Monster's exact fur color seems to vary, although I'm not sure if his actual fur has changed over time or if it's just the quality of the film. Either way, I saw this batt and thought of him. It's so fuzzy and blue.


The "Cookie Monster" <span class=

This is one of the merino/tencel batts that Spinning Straw Into Gold had for sale. Spinning Straw Into Gold's main focus is spinning fur from dogs and cats. But at Kid 'n Ewe Christine had batts for sale in a rainbow of colors. And I couldn't resist the Cookie Monster blue.

The "Cookie Monster" <span class=

I was itching to spin when I got home, and I decided the Cookie Monster batt was a good place to start. This is a piece of the batt, pre-drafted and ready to go. You can see that the Tencel adds some shine. It's very soft and silky. It'd be nice if the real Cookie Monster was part Tencel.

Yarn spun from the "Cookie Monster" <span class=

Here's the yarn on the drop spindle. (Sorry for the blurry shot.)

Yarn from the "Cookie Monster" <span class=

I'm spinning the yarn pretty thin. It drafts very easily. I'll probably ply it, so this is a look at what it may look like completed.

Yarn from the "Cookie Monster" <span class=

Here's what I've spun so far.

I've had fun looking at at old Cookie Monster clips on YouTube. I found a clip of Cookie Monster before he was Cookie Monster, a disturbing clip of Martha Stewart getting sadistic pleasure out of torturing Cookie Monster and Cookie Monster setting the record straight on the Colbert Report. You can see all the clips I found here.

I'll leave you with Cookie Monster's interview on NPR.

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