Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mooching at The Knitting Nest

Best New Local Business

Last weekend when I went home to mooch off Mom and use her wheel, I also made a trip to The Knitting Nest to mooch off Stacy and use her yarn meter. As you can see, they're celebrating their victory.

Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky Paints at The Knitting Nest.

The shop had several new yarns, including Queensland Collection Tahiti, Elizabeth Austen Andes and Rozetti Baby Soft. However, the Baby Alpaca Chunky Paints was my favorite new yarn. It's soft, pretty and makes for a quick knit.

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Of course, I had plenty to do with my own yarn. Here's my Coopworth Single. I now know I have about 251.66 yards (or 755 feet.)

Two-ply Merino

Remember my two-ply merino? I have 202.33 yards of it (or 607 feet.)

Preparing to Wind and Measure the "Cookie Monster" Single

Then it was time to measure the Cookie Monster Single I had a lot of problems with it breaking. I may have spun it a little too fine.

Cookie Monster Single Wound

I had 208.66 yards (or 626 feet) total.

Cookie Monster Singles - Ready to Ply

The hardest part was spinning from the ball so I could have to singles to ply together. Each single is about 104.66 yards (or 314 feet.) Not bad for one ounce of fiber.

Stacy's <span class=

Did I mention that I got to spin on Stacy's wheel? It's an Ashford. I'm not sure if it's a Traditional or an Elizabeth.

The Bobbin on Stacy's Wheel

Somehow, the wheel has both Scotch tension and a double drive band. I'm not sure exactly how that works. I think you can decide which one to use.

I'm starting to think I'm an Ashford person.

You can see all my pictures from my last trip to The Knitting Nest, including more spinning wheel photos, here.

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