Monday, July 21, 2008

Plying Saturday: Part One - Merino and Corriedale

Saturday afternoon, I finally got a chance to finish plying the merino that I started on the Fourth of July. The wheel was fixed and ready to go. (And I was happier than I look in this picture.)

I got a one-handed rhythm going pretty early on. I actually switched hands when one got tired. I know most people only use one.

(I just realized how bad that first sentence sounds out of context.)

This time I managed to get a 15-second masterpiece of me on the spinning wheel (with Mom behind the camera.) Now that I look at it, it looks like I'm pulling back with a lot of force after feeding in the yarn, but I'm not. Or at least it didn't seem like I was at the time.

You'll notice I've still got the two singles in separate bowls as a substitute for a Lazy Kate. Mom actually has a Lazy Kate, but it was full. Besides, I spun the singles on my drop spindle, so it wasn't like it was on a bobbin to start with.

Here's the completed bobbin. Mom and I were both pleasantly surprised that both singles were almost the exact same length. (The very end of the lighter single broke off later on, but the difference was still only a few inches.)

Here's the side view. I think I did an ok job of distributing the yarn evenly across the bobbin.

Mom said the bobbins on this wheel are a little bigger than her Ashford wheel. I would have probably had to use two bobbins if I had used the other wheel.

The nice thing about Mom's Louet is the skein winder at the top. (I'm not sure if it's technically called a swift swift, since it's a fixed size.)

I don't have the numbers with me, but I counted the revolutions (or at least tried to) and multiplied it by the circumference of the skein winder. I can't remember the number now, but it I had more yardage than I expected.

(Ok, so technically it's not circumference because the skein winder is square, but you know what I mean.)

Here's the skein all tied up and ready to go.

All that skeining inspired me to use Mom's Niddy Noddy for it's intended purpose. I managed to tie off the Corriedale single I spun without taking it off the Niddy Noddy. (I still had a layer of "yarn barf" from my first try underneath.) Mom said it had been on there so long that the twist may already be set. Really a Niddy Noddy is not meant for storage, but that's just how it ended up.

And here are the yarns, all skeined up.

This is the plied Merino...

...and this is the Corriedale single.

I haven't set the twist on the merino yet. I'm still a little gun shy after the other yarn bled. However, my Corriedale is soaking right now. It's naturally gray, so I don't have to worry about bleeding.

I'll have pictures of Navajo plying my Tour de Fleece yarn in a day or two.

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knittygirl said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog lately. It's neat how you have little videos etc.

Also like your posting about new knitters and the research you did for it.:-)