Friday, July 18, 2008

Preparing for Plying Weekend

Tonight I rolled my single into a ball so I'll be ready for plying tomorrow. Mom got the replacement part for the spinning wheel I broke in the mail, and it's in place and ready to go. (BTW - I figured out that the official name of the part is the "footman to treadle connector.")

I'm planning on a marathon plying session this weekend at my parents' house. I need to ply this yarn and finish the merino I was plying on the Fourth of July. I'm actually planning to spend the night there Saturday, not so much because I plan to spin all night long, but because I want to save an extra couple of trips from North Austin to South Austin. And I'll already be south for the Ravelry party at The Knitting Nest on Sunday.

Since I'll probably finish the yarn before the Tour de Fleece is over, I started an "extra credit" project of sorts. I bought this Merino pencil roving a while back at the Knitting Nest. I'm trying for a thicker, Malabrigo-ish single. I love the way the colors twist with no effort. Part of me wants to try playing the twister colors together for effect.

The good news is that at this rate, I'll need to buy some new fiber soon.


Anonymous said...

Sally I'm glad I stopped by and read your latest post, your spinning sounds wonderful and I may try to make it to the Knitting Nest on Sunday!
Sandra Singh

SpinalCat said...

That's the idea I had for my pencil roving too, but I ended up plying it.
Basically you get the look of a cabled yarn for the effort of a 2-ply since the roving has 2 colors at a time.