Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It may look like I'm done blocking...

...but I'm not.


I went to Jo-Ann and got a fourth box of T-Pins. But I'm still don't have enough for the very edge. I may have been able to take some of the pins off the sides, but this project has been special since the beginning. I'm not going to skimp on the blocking now that I've come this far. I've already fudged the end because I was about to run into the wall, and I don't want to unpin the whole thing and move it. (Yes, the pins are in the carpet.)

While I was at Jo-Ann, I saw that the striping version of Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair is on clearance. In between that and the coupons for the Fourth of July weekend, I'm having to use restraint.

I also got a good look at Spa and Country from the new Naturally Caron line. Caron is the latest craft store brand to offer up baffling blends of luxury fibers and acrylic. (Bernat has some similar yarns in their Natural Blends collection.)

Intriguing, but I'm saving my money for The Knitting Nest's Tom Hanks Birthday Sale.

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Suna said...

You can borrow my blocking wires and end this torture now.