Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pre-Oscar Post

I'm heading to Lyndsey's house for a small Oscar party, but first I have pictures from yesterday.

Mmmmmmm....Handmaiden Sea Silk. *drool*

Mom has an old ball winder, but no swift. So we struggled to wind the 437 yard hank, and had to take the thing apart at one point because the yarn got caught. But what can I say, a yarn this nice deserves cake. (*grooooooaaaaaannn*)

I finally settled on the Strangling Vines pattern. Here is my crummy swatch. (I was impatient.)

Despite my hasty swatching, I'm happy with it so far.

Mom got her Spindolyn this week, and I got to try it out. I was tempted to buy one when I was struggling. However, now that I'm getting used to the drop spindle, the Spindolyn seems more difficult to use. There isn't much weight on the fiber, and I had difficulty getting enough twist in the yarn. It's definitely for spinning fine yarn.

This is a very unflattering picture of me using the Spindolyn. (Try to ignore the fact that I look like Jabba the Hutt.) I posted it because it does a good job of showcasing the Spindolyn itself.


kasiaiscarly said...

Call me crazy. . . not sure I could get past the mental aspect of wearing a scarf around my neck called 'Strangling Vine' :)

titianknitter said...

Can't wait to fondle the Sea Silk! Should be lovely.