Thursday, February 21, 2008

Socks and Politics

Here are Mom's socks as of right this moment. I know I can finish these tonight if I push it, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow and do a little spinning before bed instead.

I worked on the socks while I watched the Clinton/Obama debate at UT. I've been undecided, and as of now I am still undecided. I'm running out of time because my primary in Texas is the first week of March. I found myself leaning toward Clinton because of her stance on health care. Both candidates want universal health care, but Clinton seems to be the one that is willing to step on some toes to get it.

On one hand, I'm lucky to have health insurance, but on the other hand, it's not luck. I've made conscious decisions to ensure I have insurance. Health insurance has been one of the main deciding factors in the jobs I've had since graduating college. In fact, it's played a role in just about every life changing decision I've made since high school. I have a couple of chronic health problems that require prescription medication. The medication alone would cost well over $1,000 a month if I didn't have health insurance. I have career goals in the fiber arts world that would forcee me to find my own health insurance. I think this is the biggest financial obstacle I have in my career goals. I would gladly pay higher taxes if it meant not worrying about my health coverage every time I change jobs.

I'm also interested in the plagiarism accusations the Clinton camp is making against Obama. I'd like to research that myself before making a decision on that.

Also, a week or two ago Cobbalicious made some good points about the campaign. I think there is very little overt sexism and racism going on. If anything, there is more of the opposite, people who will vote for Clinton or Obama simply because "it's about time" a woman or a black person became president. However, I think it comes out almost subconsciously in the way we judge the candidates. I think this is especially true for Clinton. (See this CNN article for some evidence.)

If you have a supported argument for or against either Clinton or Obama, I'd like to hear it. So far, it seems like all I've heard are personal endorsements based on a vague sense of the candidate's personality. I'd like to hear some opinions with some more meat to them.


Cobbalicious said...

Hey, great post. Good points. And I'm glad you caught what I was saying; most of my friends just recoiled because they thought I was supporting Hillary because she's female. That's not what I meant.

The CNN article is very illuminating.

I, too, am leaning toward Clinton, now, although I will vote for Obama if he's the nominee. I'm going for Clinton because she really does have more experience, and there will be no lost time when she hits the White House. Also, like you, health insurance is a big deal to me. Think of how much more freedom people would have to take professional risks if they weren't worried about how they'd stay healthy. Overall, the environment is the big issue for me, though, and I think Clinton has the most specific proposals. For instance, she's proposed a program that helps low- to middle-income homeowners make green improvements to their homes. That's good financially and good environmentally.

patita said...

heya! I found your blog from the Rav Austin groups :)

Here's a link to an article about both Clinton and Obama--she did the research and decided to support Obama, but she compares their experiences and gives link to how they have actually voted on things in the Senate and what bills they have actually proposed.

I hope you find some more information that makes the decision easier :)

patita said...

helps if I actually paste the link, right? ;)