Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FO: Jules' Valentine Scarf

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It was hard waiting to post pictures of this, but it was Jules' Valentine's gift and I wanted to make sure it was a surprised.

This us the Besotted Scarf from Hello Yarn. I used two skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in "Oceanic Mix" (6285) and my US size 5 Brittany straights. (Always a winning combo.)

I bought the yarn several months ago to save for myself, but it was perfect for Jules (and I have plenty of yarn for me.) Originally I had planned to make it red so it would be more "Valentiney," but after badgering talking to Jules, I decided he would get more use out of it if I used a different color. (And the XOXO cables were "Valentiney" enough.)

I started out using Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, but I didn't like the way it was knitting up. Then I decided I liked it. Then I wasn't sure. Then I decided to swatch it alongside the Ultra Alpaca and we (this includes the other knitters at The Knitting Nest) decided the Ultra Alpaca looked best.

I wasn't thrilled with the ruffled edges. The pattern goes straight into the cables, so I decided it needed seed stitch border. I think it made it worse. (For some reason, the cast on edge was worse than the bind off edge.)

It wasn't a hard pattern, but it was easy to forget what I was doing. I had to correct mistakes like this one several times. (Look closely at the cables.)

I sent the scarf with a mix cd, some chocolate and a homemade Valentine. He enjoyed the whole package.

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ElizaDay418 said...

see... seeing something that righteously awesome makes me almost wish i knew how to knit, but then i remember that i'd have to learn to knit and how crochet is SOOOO much easier and then i change my mind and think "yeah, well, knitting is for punks", but that's just me.