Friday, February 22, 2008


I think it must be from being cooped up sick half the week, but I'm restless and bored. I know all the northern knitters are ready for spring, but I feel like I'm running out of winter. Pretty soon the cold fronts will end, and I'll be hiding in the air condition from the blistering sun.

Belated Valentine's Day

I got my Valentine's Day gift from Jules in the mail today. It actually arrived yesterday, but I didn't get to pick it up from the office until today. I'm sitting here with my stuffed cat right now, and most of the peanut butter cups in the heart shaped box are gone.

Yes, that's the Rasta Beanie that he is wearing in those pictures. Eventually, I'll scan these in and post them properly.

Jules said when you give your girlfriend a Joe Cool keyring, you know it's serious. I need to make room on my keyw. Maybe it's time to get rid of my broken Austin skyline, or my poor, dilapidated My Little Pony.

Battle of the Bamboo Silks

I was looking at an e-mail I got from Webs and noticed that one of their new yarns is Ella Rae Bamboo Silk. The name caught my eye because I've been drooling over Love from Southwest Trading Company's Vickie Howell Collection. I would love to make an entire top out of it, but it's so expensive. (I have also considered making this pattern because I could do it with only two hanks.)

When I took a closer look at the Ella Rae yarn, I was surprised at the stats:

Ella Rae Bamboo Silk
Content: 70% Bamboo/30% Silk
Care: Hand Wash
Weight/Yardage: 99yd=50g
Gauge: 5sts=1" US 7
Knitting Weight: Worsted
Regular Webs Price: $6.95

Vicki Howell Collection Love
Content: 70% Bamboo/30% Silk
Care: Hand Wash
Weight/Yardage: 99 yd/50 g ball
Gauge: 5 sts/inch on #7
Knitting Weight: Worsted
Regular Webs Price: $12.99*
*This yarn is currently on sale for $9.75

Very interesting. (And the Webs price for the Love yarn is similar to the prices I've seen at several LYS's.)

Sea Silk Time

I've decided it's time to reach into my stash and knit up something yummy. Last August I bought some Handmaiden Sea Silk. I'm saving the Blackberry color for Lacewings, but I think it's time to get out the Capri.

After much time on Ravelry I'm looking seriously at Strangling Vine scarf and the Lacy Serpentine Scarf. The Montego Bay scarf seems the most obvious choice, but I want something with a little more substance. I also may try to do my own thing. Either way, this begs to be a silky, drapey, lacy scarf that will rival my one skein mobius. (Maybe I should get a few beads?)

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Cobbalicious said...

D*** the yarn diet! I have my eye on that Ella Rae Bamboo Silk, and if it's gone by the time I'm allowed back at the buffet... well, there will be h*** to pay. >:)