Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I just did a load of laundry...

That's got to count for something. I even hung up the clothes and put the sheets back on the bed.

Last night I wanted to post about my carding, but my internet connection was being difficult. The good news is that I had more time to actually spin some yarn and get a picture of it to post tonight.

It's been a long time since I learned how to knit, and I've forgotten what it's like to be a beginner. I'm anxious to get good. Now. I find myself debating whether it would help to spin, then draft or draft then spin or should I do them both at the same time like you're supposed to. I'm wondering if I should buy a Spindolyn, a supported spindle or go straight for the spinning wheel. Maybe it's the wool. However, I've decided to get through the Romney wool I bought at Kid n' Ewe on the drop spindle before trying anything else.

I think I just need to be patient and just keep trying. Also, I need to try to spin everyday to get the muscle memory thing going.

I am starting to question Mom's devotion to the Rolag. I feel like I've got fluff all over the place, not nice lined up fibers. When she was helping she recommended less wool, and more carding, but my gut says the opposite. My rolags look like frizzy hair. Are they supposed to look like that? Am I doing it right?

The good news is that the wool is looking less like vomit and more "autumny."

I'm trying to avoid accumulating too much fiber stash, but I am going to be in the market for some nice roving for my next yarn.

And hopefully I'll find some this weekend at the Meetup yarn crawl. The Yarn Barn in San Antonio is closing, and we're making one last (or in my case, only) trip over there. While we're out there, we may stop at Yarnivore and/or Old Oaks Ranch. I suspect there will be several opportunities to buy some nice roving.

And to go on this yarn crawl, I'm forgoing Hill Country Weavers' first Thursday sale this month. It pains me because all the wool yarn is on sale, but I think I'll be glad I did on Saturday.

I have a couple of other strategies to raise funds. Friday is 80s day at work. I have no idea what prompted this, but there is a $50 Visa gift card on the line and I'm on board. I think I have a good shot at winning with stuff from around the house, in storage and borrowed from my parents' house.

The e-mail announcing the contest was interesting. "Totally tubular," "rad" and "amped" were used (in quotation marks.) The message also mentioned "Poofers" and "Dexters." Huh? And argyle socks were listed among the fashions of the day. Argyle socks? I don't think I have time to knit those before Friday.

My second plan is to sell some old CDs. A while back it occurred to me that I could load the songs onto my iTunes and sell the CDs. That way I can get a few dollars while decluttering.

Where is the best place in Austin to sell CDs? Half Price Books pays peanuts. Has anyone ever sold CDs to Cheapo?

As I parting shot, I leave you with the "practice" yarn I spun on Mom's Niddy Noddy. In this picture, it looks like it's not as bad as I thought. However, it also looks like there's not as much as I had thought.

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Cobbalicious said...

Try Planet Replay for selling CDs. It's just north of Mopac on 183, southbound. They pay whatever Amazon is currently offering for stuff, so if you check first online, you can usually get a much better deal than what Half-Price will sell you.

I should check the MeetUp site more often! I was totally ignorant re: the yarn crawl. My bad. I'll see you at HCW at the sale, though!