Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yarn (Store) Pr0n: Yarnivore

This is the second part in a three part series on the Meetup group's San Antonio Yarn Crawl. (You would think I was Ken Burns or something.)

After lunch, our next stop was Yarnivore, the place that Titian Knitter recommended for roving.

Here's about half of their roving selection. (Sorry for the crummy picture, the light was at the wrong angle.) They also had some merino and merino/silk blends in another area.

This is the owner, Melanie, weighing Corriedale roving for me. This was one of the types of wool Mom recommended. I thought choosing a lighter shade would make spinning a little easier (they had it in some other natural shades as well.) Melanie said the heathered color would make it easier to see the twist.

Those other two bags contain dyed merino roving in indigo and periwinkle. I bought two ounces of each. When I get better at spinning, I plan to spin them into singles and ply the two colors together.

These were taped to the back of the computer where I checked out. The top is spun out of Melanie's cat's fur, and the other out of a customer's cat's fur.

They're big cat fans at Yarnivore. This needlefelted piece was also on the back of the computer.

Of course, they had yarn as well.

I loved the little "yarn tree." Some of this yarn was dyed by the shop. The furry stuff is UT and A&M yarn that believe is also unique to the shop.

Melanie said they seem to have two types of customers. Those who are crazy for novelty yarn, and those who won't touch the stuff. They try to stock to keep everyone happy.

It's the great wall of Manos del Uruguay!

Yes, it's more Colinette Jitterbug. No, I didn't buy any here either, although I seriously considered it.

I think all the shops we visited put up signs with prices rather than labeling every single skein of yarn. I like the fact that they list price per yard.

I wanted to spend more time, but everyone was waiting on me so we could make it to our next stop before they closed. They had a nice sitting area. I wish I was closer so I could hang out there more often. (They had some munchies too, but we were still stuffed from lunch.)

For our parting shot, here's a piece of artwork hanging in the shop. Melanie said a customer made this for a mixed media art class and gave it to the store when she was done.

You can see all my yarn crawl pictures here.

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