Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (sort of)

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Here's a Valentine's Day wish from my friend Ross. Click the picture to see it in a larger size. (Yes, I know they print this on t-shirts.)

While it's good to be in love on Valentine's Day, it's hard to be so far away from the person I love. It was harding seeing other people get bouquets of flowers and stuffed animals. Neither of our packages arrived on time (although mine arrived today, but Jules wasn't able to pick it up in time.) We did both remember, however. Jules even wished me an early Valentine's Day last night.

I did receive something else in the mail. Whatever could it be?

It's a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in Red Java and a pin from Art School Dropout, my prize from the Knitters Scavenger Hunt contest. Huzzah!

I'm debating what make with it. It's nice autumny color. Foliage seems to be the obvious choice, but I'm open to suggestions.

As a parting shot, here is something Jules made for me a while back, just because. He found the shell at the beach, and was inspired.


kasiaiscarly said...

i'm glad you like the malabrigo and hope you make something yummy with it! sorry for the fabric wrapping. . i discovered i was out of tissue, so i thought 'she's crafty, maybe she will do something with some fabric' :)

Cobbalicious said...

Now that is one adorable card. I tell ya, I like Jules. I may have only been in his presence for 2.6 seconds, but I got a good feeling about him. :)