Thursday, February 7, 2008


Last night I was spinning, and I was on a roll. I thought I was finally getting the hang of it. Then it happened.

Actually, I can't remember exactly how it happened. All of sudden I was looking at the bottom of my drop spindle and saying to myself "this is a bottom whorl, isn't it?"

My hook was gone.

Dude, where's my hook?

I couldn't find it anywhere. I checked my clothes, the chair, the floor, but it was long gone.


I contemplated e-mailing Jim Hokett for advice on how to fix it. I finally took it home to Dad this evening, triggering an impromptu trip to Home Depot. Dad had made a couple of simple of drop spindles for Mom years ago, and they still had the little cup hooks leftover. But they were too big.

So I found myself in Home Depot, with a spindle wrapped in uneven vomit autumn colored, handspun yarn, looking at cup hooks and looking longingly at my spindle. I was remembering about how shiny and new it looked at Kid n' Ewe.

We debated hook sizes. I kept insisting it was smaller than the hooks available. Finally we came home with two different sizes.

It occurred to me when we were on the way home that I had a picture on Flickr of the spindle. We checked, and I think it proved I was right.

Fortunately, smaller size worked, even if it was bigger than the original hook. With some Teflon tape (Dad's idea) I was back in business.

After Dad fixed the spindle, I spent some time with Mom talking about spinning technique. I asked her to demonstrate with my spindle. When she tried, she said the wool I was using was difficult to draft. She suggested that I use some different fiber, something prepared. (Not rolags like I had been.)

So I have a mission for the yarn crawl this Saturday. I need to find some roving or a batt that will be good for a beginner.

In other news, picked up a few things at my parents' house for my "bangin'" 80s outfit for work tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

Mom felted her Coco Bag, but she's having trouble putting in the gromits. (Those are knitting needles poking through the holes.) She's wondering what tool to use. Let me know if you have any advice.

Also, check out Jules' socks at Sandra Singh's website. (I'm famous!)

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SpinalCat said...

That's what I used on my Booga bags. It's really rather difficult. You have to have a rubber mallet to hit the tool with, and you need a really sturdy flat surface underneath everything. I remember sitting with the front door of our apartment open on a really cold night making Bryan hit the thing. It never worked when I hit it.