Monday, February 4, 2008

Thoughts on Limitations and a Contest Entry

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Kntters Scavenger Hunt Swap.

The Knitters Scavenger Hunt is having a contest (swap participants only, sorry.) All I have to do is answer 2 questions. But they aren't easy questions to answer.

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

This is a hard one. I know this sounds conceited (or maybe delusional), but in my mind I have no limitations related to my knitting skills. There are just new skills I haven't learned yet. I don't think I have this type of confidence in any other area of my life, which is one of the reasons why I love knitting so much.

So that leaves limitations of resources and time. It's hard to pick one pattern. The closest I can get is Morrigan, which I will knit eventually. Buying $300 worth of Rowan Calmer will be difficult, and I'm still trying other candidates.

Rather than a specific pattern, most of my seemingly unattainable project ideas are centered around specific yarns. I wish I could afford an entire sweater out of Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb, or entire sweater out of my own handspun. (The handspun is the part where my skills fail me.)

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I'm not going to pick an all time favorite, but I will say at the moment I'm most interested in Yarn Pirate's blog, because she's due to go into labor at any moment. Also, I love seeing all her baby knits.

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