Friday, July 27, 2007

Musings on Rowan Calmer

So I got No Sheep For You in April and even took Amy Singer's No Sheep class at HCW. I fell in love with several patterns, and while I was initially drawn to the colorwork in Bacardi and Intoxicating, I find myself going back to the tiny, intense cables in Morrigan. (I found a picture on Flickr.)

At the class, Amy said the only non-sheep yarn they could get to work with the pattern was Rowan Calmer.

Rowan Calmer is awesome. And expensive. And for my size it will take 20 balls. At least. (Amy said some people may want to make it a bit longer.)

So I've been trolling e-bay for cheap bags of Rowan. And the closest I've found is 5 balls in a deep purple.

My question is, if I buy a ball or two here and there, on sale, in different dye lots, will anyone really be able to tell the difference? I know when you have different dye lots, you're supposed to alternate them every row two so it's hard to tell. But I really don't want to do that. I can rarely tell the difference between dye lots in commercial yarns, but some claim they can. And for something that will take this much work, I'd hate to ruin it with obvious dye lot differences.

I could also try a sheepish yarn. Something cheaper. If I'm going to buy a lot of calmer, I could use it for one of the designs floating in my head. (And it'd be great for a summer top.) But it would be awesome to make this sweater in Calmer. It's so soft, easy to work with and not itchy.

I'm looking for advice and alternate yarn suggestions and yarn sources. Something with the same "spronginess." Please comment.

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Lady O said...

The only time I've tried to knit with different dye lots it didn't look that different when I held the skeins next to eachother, but it was really obvious in the knitted object.

The annoying alternation might be worth it in the end.

Morrigan is beautiful, though, isn't it?