Sunday, July 22, 2007

FO: Project Linus Baby Blanket

As I predicted last night, I finished knitting my blanket for Project Linus before I went to bed. However, it took two episodes of Stash and Burn today to finish weaving in the ends.

As I mentioned last week I used six skeins of Red Heart Bright and Lofty (100% acrylic), two in bubblegum, two in Grape Crush and two in Ocean. I used size 11 needles (as I have a loose gauge, most of you would probably need bigger needles.)

I actually modified a "pattern" my knitting group is using for afghan squares for another charity project. Basically, I cast many did I cast on? Not very much. Anyway, I just worked garter stitch and increased (kfb) at the beginning of each row, (changing colors every three rows) until I had used up half the yarn (it seemed like it was about right.) Then I started decreasing (k2tog) at the end of each row until I had only a couple of stitches left. Then I cast off.

So all I need to do now is contact my local Project Linus chapter and drop it off. I've gotten all sorts of compliments from non-knitters on the beautiful, soft yarn. I think other knitters may look down upon my choice. Either way, I think some little kid will love it, and it is sturdy and machine washable (as required by Project Linus.)

In Ravelry waiting list news, there are only 1,448 people in front of me as of right now. Slow and steady.


mari said...

I know. The classes are just so much fun.

I love the colors on your blanket, btw.

sarah said...

hi! i'm your hand dyed yarn partner (i'll be sending to you). woot!