Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rub-a-Dub-Dub Continued...

So if you read this entry, you know that I have been debating how to wash my Cherry Bomb Tank Top. I had a woolwash sample, but it contained lanolin, which didn't sound like a good idea. I used Katia Jamaica on this top, which is 100% cotton.

So after consulting with knitters in real life in real life and on the web, I was truly confused. I had heard that the yarn bleeds from one person. Some said lanolin was bad for cotton. Others said it wasn't.

I finally decided baby shampoo was a good choice. But I was still nervous. So I sat down at last week's Chicks with Sticks at Bluebonnet and to cast on a swatch about 3 months after I completed the tank top. I started casting on, and we started talking. Someone noticed it was the same yarn I used on the top, and I explained what I was doing. I got more mixed advice. But what sold me was the fact that someone had made a washcloth out of the same yarn in a similar colorway. She had thrown it in the washer without problems.

So after that I was sold. I ripped out my cast on and moved onto something else.

So today I finally got around to washing it. I used the baby shampoo and lukewarm water. As you can see, it didn't run.

And also, you can see from the other picture that it needed to be washed. That is the water after being soaked for a couple of minutes. At least there is no dye in the water.

However, I think I used too much shampoo. The biggest problem I had was rinsing. I went by the directions on Knitters Review. It says to rinse until the water runs clear. So I rinsed. And rinsed again. And again. And again. And again...

The article recommended rinsing with a splash of white vinegar to get out the soapy residue if you use shampoo.

I actually happened to have some on hand because I use it to clean the bunny cage.

I was a little nervous about using the vinegar, but I was feeling brave. I used on two of the rinses. But it still seemed soapy. Of course, I have this whole paranoid thing about rinsing. Whether it's my hair or dishes (when I actually do dishes) I'm always worried that it's still soapy. But I thought maybe I was worrying too much, and a little bit of baby shampoo wouldn't hurt.

The good news was the vinegar didn't hurt the tank top. No running. Even after I did more massaging and squeezing than recommended.

When I finally gave up on rinsing, the water looked like this:

Does that look clear to you? I saw a couple of soap bubbles on top.

Now I've got it all laid out to block. It barley fit on the table:

I just pinned down the bottom edge. The bottom edge has always been a little curly, mainly because I was too impatient to do a full blocking when I finished. This should help.

Anyway, we'll see how it is tomorrow. Hopefully the edges that are hanging over the table won't be as stiff as a board.


Maggisen said...

I hope you know that cotton will not be really clean if you handwash it? It has to be thoroughly washed to be clean. I wash all my cotton in the washing machine on at least 40 degrees Celsius.

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

hmmm.... that may be true. I may need to revisit the swatch thing later on. For now, at least it's cleaner than before.

But thanks for your input.