Sunday, July 22, 2007

Knervous Knitting

I recently read this blog post by Judy at Persistent Illusion about knitting as a "nervous habit." I just had my own experience with knitting as a nervous habit.

It was Friday, and I was looking forward to a relaxing evening with a long bath, knitting, internet, television, etc. And on my way home, I realized I needed gas. The last time I went to Bluebonnet I had tried to fill up, but the pump wouldn't take my debit card. I finally gave up and decided to just go home and fill up later.

Well, I pushed too far, barely managing to pull into a parking lot as I ran out of gas. The nearest gas station a couple of miles away.

I debated what to do for a minute. I would have just started walking, but it was a long way, and leaving my car parked in a precarious spot while I embarked on a journey by foot to a gas station at least 2 miles way seemed like a bad idea.

I finally gave up and called my parents. Admitting to them that I managed to do this for the second time this year was worse than being stranded. Factor in my mad Dad having to drive across town in rush hour traffic, and we had an unpleasant encounter coming.

I guy named Chris, a stranger at the glass place nearby, helped me move my car out of the way and got me gas, but my car still wouldn't start. By that point he had done way more than a stranger should be expected, so I called Dad again.

And then I knitted.

I had been working on my mystery project, but I didn't feel like reading charts, so I got out the Project Linus blanket and got to work. It really calmed me down.

Long story short, I got a lot of work done, Dad had calmed down by the time he showed up (it turned out all I needed was even more gas to get going again.) It did ruin that Friday afternoon euphoria, and I wasn't in the best of moods when I got home 2 hours after work let out.

So now that I've done this much work on the blanket (I did more while waiting for a table at a restaurant and at my parent's house today) I'm going to try to finish it tonight. Expect another FO soon.

In other news, as of right now, there are only 1,524 people ahead of me on the Ravelry waiting list. They keep making progress but I still feel just like that poor Alpaca. (At least I think it's an Alpaca.)

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