Sunday, July 8, 2007

Swatch: Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, Sport Weight

After much debate, I came home from the Hill Country Weavers sale on Thursday with some Claudia Hand Painted Yarn (sport weight.) One skein in "Circus Dancer" was put aside for swatching and a small project, like a hat.

Because I have a more involved project for the rest. I decided to do the whole thing and even wash the swatch. I cast on 24 stitch and worked a portion in stockinette stitch and a portion in garter stitch. I used size 2 needles from my Boye Needlemaster set. I was at my knitting group when I did it, and I was worried about it being too loose. (Again with my loose gauge.) I think it was because I had to make the Knucks so tight. In the ends I ended up with 6 stitches per inch (Officially 24 stitches and 34 rows per 4 inches)

Then I washed the swatch in Kookaburra Wool Wash. The wet swatch is on top and the dry swatch is on the bottom.

I couldn't really tell the difference. Between the two. The gauge stayed the same. It is a bit softer. I don't know if there was bloom officially. I couldn't really tell.

Anyway, I'll put this aside for later. I bought two more colors I plan to use. The dark one is "Argyle Socks" and the lighter one is "Just Plum."

This is the last time you will see them. I have top secret design plans for these yarns.

So I actually swatched and did the whole washing thing. Amy Singer recommends keeping a swatch diary. For now, I post them on my blog. On my livejournal, I already have a swatch for Patons Classic Merino (felted.)

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