Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hill Country Yarns....but not in the Hill Country?

Through some online surfing, I recently discovered Hill Country Yarns. Which, as the name implies, are hand-dyed in the Hill Country. (If you aren't local, this wikipedia entry seems to give a pretty accurate explanation of the Texas Hill Country.) The colorways are very Texas, including Pecan Orchard, Cowboy, Bluebonnet, Sand Stone, Indian Stone and - of course, Hook 'Em Horns and Gig ' Em Aggies.

This yarn is now on my list of yarns to buy very soon (budget permitting.) I'm all about handpainted yarns right now, and a name can easily sell me on a colorway.

But what bothered me was where you can buy the yarn. The only online retailer listed is Discount Yarn Sale. The yarn shops that sell it are in Katy, Texas (near Houston), Dallas and... Colorado and Missouri?

There are no places in Central Texas to buy Hill Country Yarns?

Hill Country Weavers doesn't carry Hill Country Yarns? Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe doesn't carry the Bluebonnet colorway?

It seems to be a new company, but come on guys, step it up!


Lyndsey said...

Um, I'm not entirely sure that these are actually made in the hill country. All it says is that the hand-dyed yarn colors are inspired by the texas hill country. It's like saying that our kitchen was inspired by "mexico" decorating styles.

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Good point, but how many people outside of Texas have heard of the Texas Hill Country? At the very least, it must be someone who considers the Hill Country near and dear to their heart.