Saturday, July 7, 2007

Inaugural Entry

After much time spent playing with the layout, I am finally ready of the inaugural post of Sally Comes Unraveled - The Blog.

So as of today I'm 27 and live in Austin, Texas with my pet rabbit. I work as an "inside sales marketing rep" in a call center, but I dream of making it big in the knitting and crochet world. (Making it big = quitting my day job) I hope this blog will be a vehicle to help me do that, communicate with other knitters, get opinions and advice and keep track of things.

Some obligatory links:

My livejournal which, up until now, was the home of my knitting content, and is still the home of all sorts other personal stuff.

A modest Etsy shop. (I also do a few small time craft shows here and there.)

Lots of pictures, knitting and otherwise, on Flickr

A modest myspace page

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mari said...

Thanks, Sally. I like the picture. :)