Friday, July 13, 2007

Things that cut into my yarn budget: Helping the LBJ Band

I was planning this little feature for a while, expecting stuff like dentist and vet bills to be in this spot.

But it ended up being something that made me sad and angry, not because of the money I spent, but because of what happened.

For four years I was a proud member of the one, the only LBJ Band at LBJ High School in Austin, TX. I spent some of the happiest times in my life in that band, and met friends I still have to this day. I hauled a both a bass drum and a snare drum around the marching field (not at the same time though.) I participated in UIL and solo and ensemble. I practiced hard. I traveled to London and Disney World. With all that has happened to me since I graduated from LBJ in 1998, sometimes I wonder if I will ever feel that type of happiness, pride and accomplishment I felt when I was part of that band.

So today my Mom told me that a lot of their equipment was stolen. I didn't realize the magnitude of the loss until I read this article in the Austin American Statesman. Apparently they lost $12,000 worth of equipment, and insurance won't cover it all. Among the equipment stolen was the on field sound system. I have no idea how they will conduct marching practice with out that sound system. And I'm sure summer band starts in a matter of weeks.

So I'm not writing to complain about the small amount I donated online. I'm writing in hopes some of you out there will read this and donate as well. If you were in a high school band, if you've ever played an instrument, if there is a time in your life you long to revisit, I think you'll understand.

The LBJ Band is taking donations via paypal on the band's website.

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