Saturday, July 7, 2007

FO: Knucks

So I have my first FO (finished object for those who don't know the lingo) for my new blog.

Wednesday I was off from work for the Independence Day. It was rainy, so I spent most of the day hanging out at my parents house finishing my Knucks. I made a pair last for a Christmas gift last year and had been waiting for an opportunity to make my own pair.

I used Rowan Classic Yarn (RYC) Silk Wool DK in "Velvet Purple" (#307) and Size 1 dpns. (Eep!) I know, if you don't know me, you would think using size one needles on DK yarn is ridiculous, but you will soon learn that my gauge is extremely loose. (Insert your own joke about being a loose woman.) It took me two balls, and I have most of the second ball leftover.

If you follow the link to the Knucks pattern, you'll see some pictures of intricate embroidery. I didn't do that. The chain stitch lettering was hard enough. The lettering is a bit wonky, and some of the letters on the "KNIT" hand are off center. I had to twist them around to get them in the picture. I considered re-doing some of the letters, but I think it's close enough for me.

There was some concern about the color of embroidery floss showing up, especially in the pictures. I considered outlining the lettering with another color, but now that I have downloaded the photos, I think they show up pretty well. What do you think?

And why all the emphasis on photos? (Especially when the photo I posted is so crappy?) I plan on making this one of my entries for the Knitty Calendar Contest. I'm saving the good pictures for the contest. I did a little photo shoot with my Mom on Wednesday, but I may take more.


candice_mcfarland said...

Sally, Those look great! I love those colors together and the lettering looks awesome. Great job!

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Thanks, Candace. And thanks for leaving my first comment. :)