Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Economics of Crafting

I will confess to being pretty much ignorant when it comes to economics, and pretty much out of the loop with current events since I quit journalism. Between these two, I'm really confused about Bush's economic stimulus package.

I do understand that changes to the economy, like an ecosystem, affect everyone. So this should help the economy. But it seems like a waste of money. Also, in high school economics we talked about the cyclical nature of the economy. Basically, shouldn't you just wait for the upturn? I guess you want to avoid something like the Great Depression. When does it really get that bad? When do people like me, without any type of investments (unless you count the 401k that I just started contributing to in January), really feel it?

But I confess, I'm looking forward to my $600.

However, there are a couple of solutions from some very reputable sources that I, as a crafter, can really get behind.

I've been gluing googly eyes to glass stones for craft shows for a while now. I've been successful, but expert economist Stephen Colbert has shown me that the real money is in googly eyed clams.

Also, the top journalists at The Onion have uncovered a story most of the mainstream media has missed: Congress To Raise Alpacas To Aid Struggling Economy. Check out what Orrin Hatch had to say.

"If we are truly committed and learn to spin our own fibers, we can cut out the middleman and sell socks, hats, and gloves directly to the American public," Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said. "People don't realize how much softer alpaca wool is because they've never had a chance to try it. Once they do, though—let's just say this war could be paid for in no time."

Holy crap, Orrin Hatch said something I agree with!

To stimulate your own economy, check out the contest at Tami Knits, and tell them Large Marge Sally Comes Unraveled sent you.

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Cobbalicious said...

So it's not just me! I've been plotting what silk and bamboo I can purchase with my tax refund. Nevermind the IRA... I WANT MORE YARN!