Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I spun some yarn

I finished a single a day or two ago. Wanna see?

I went to Kid n' Ewe last fall I bought drop spindles and wool for both me and my friend Lyndsey. About a week and a half ago, we got together with Mom for a spinning lesson.

We brought our wool, but the dying process seemed to have made it a tiny bit felted, so we started with this other wool Mom had lying around. (I forgot what type it is.)

Mom showed us how to card rolags, which are basically little wool "cigars" (or "egg rolls" or "taquitos" if you prefer.) Mom learned this was more than a decade ago, but it seems like a nowadays it's hard to find anyone spinning from rolags. (Except for a recent sighting here.) However, Mom thinks it's easier (and more fun) to spin that way, so I decided to give it a try.

We have carding down pretty well. (Lyndsey and I are sharing the hand carders.) Spinning is more difficult, although I think Lyndsey is doing better than I am. Then again, I think Lyndsey tends to be more of a perfectionist than I am. I keep barreling through with the lumps and bumps.

Mom actually showed me how to spin a little bit about a year ago. I hadn't picked it up since, but I thought it was time to really learn.

This is all stuff Mom has spun. Starting with the hat and going clockwise:

1) The Hat - I'm not sure if this was made from her very first yarn, but it was some of the early stuff. She said it turned out well, except it itches. (A lot of my anxiety about "will it itch" comes from this hat.)

2) The Pink Stuff - Dyed with Kool Aid.

3) Black Bart - Mom ordered this wool by mail from a sheep named "Black Bart" a while back.

4) The White Stuff - That's...uhhh...wool.

5) Camel - Mom got a small amount of camel, and blended it with some wool.

Obviously Mom knows more about this stuff than I do.

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