Saturday, January 26, 2008

Last night, I laid down for just a minute...

...and suddenly it was Saturday afternoon.

Well, at least I'm well rested.

There are two awesome things I must share with you.

First, the Knitty surprise came out this week, along with a hat I must knit. The Bloody Stupid Johnson hat features a cable that looks like it had a seizure halfway around the hat. The cable literally comes un-cabled. This is "a Sally project", and anyone who knows me understands why.

The hat was inspired by Terry Pratchett's works. I know I need to read more of Pratchett's work. I loved Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker Trilogy, (yes, the trilogy has five books) and everyone said I'd enjoy Pratchett too. I did read a few chapters of one of his books a while back, and it was good. I'm just so busy knitting these days, I don't read much. (Lyndsey is still bugging me to read Lamb, and I promise I will.)

The other awesome thing is the best FO post ever from Now Norma Knits. Go check it out.


Cobbalicious said...

Thanks for pointing this stuff out! I really like the B. S. Johnson, too. And while I've read one or two Discworld books, I mostly just like the hat for its own sake.

Anonymous said...

Finished the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat and now I need to knit a scarf to go with it. Any suggestions?