Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yarn Pr0n: Knit Picks, Sea Silk and More...

In the tradition of so many other knit bloggers, I am posting my latest yarn purchases. I actually have two, because I got a package yesterday, and didn't get to post before today's yarn store trip. So let's get started.

Last week I made my very first purchase from Knit Picks. I was a little worried about the 5-14 days shipping, but it only took about a week. I got my order yesterday.

I started with supplies for the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap. I got five hanks of Knit Picks Bare. From the top, there is one hank of Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering, three hanks of Merino Fingering and one hank of Superwash Merino Worsted.

After hearing that superwash actually holds the dyes better, I wish I had bought more. But eventually I plan to try them all. I started with these because I wanted enough for myself and my swap partner, with some leftover for gifts and for Etsy.

I plan to dye it all at once, possibly this weekend. This depends on how much energy I have, and whether my neighbors decide to smoke in their dying studio on their porch. (I don't want my yarn to smell like smoke.)

The dye I bought is Jacquard Acid Dye. This is serious stuff, not Kool Aid (although I plan to do that soon.)

And the reason it's in black and white? The colors are a surprise, of course.

For a mystery project (I seem to have a lot of those recently) I bought two balls of Knit Picks Panache in "Dusk." It is a nice blend of Baby Alpaca, Silk, Cashmere and Extra Fine Merino. (Stash and Burn calls it "the kitchen sink of luxury fibers.") I'm hoping it's chunky enough for my plans. If not, I'm sure I'll put it to good use. (Expect some swatching soon.)

Finally, I got a color card for Knit Picks Shine (since I plan to eventually get all the color cards) and a copy of The Magic Loop from the book sale. I am one of a dying breed, a knitter who loves dpns. However, I still want to try magic loop, just to try it. Although I admit part of me is scared of going over to "the circular side" and losing my mad dpn skills.

Today, Hill Country Weavers had their monthly first Thursday sale. They always have creative themes. Check out this month's theme:


Folks, it looks like it's time to take serious action and start STASHING YOUR ARK!

1. FELTABLE wools (should be plenty of water and agitation on the high seas for 40 days and 40 nights)

2. "RAINWATER WASHABLES" yarns ( should work well while hanging out on the deck with the animals)

3. SEASILK ( to ease your sea sickness)

4. Noah has also approved any YARN that is 50% GREEN ( MRS.NOAH uses it to camouflage the mold)


20% off in honor of NOAH!

I think it's an homage to the unusually rainy summer we're having. I admit, I was confused by the "rainwater washables." I thought it meant hand wash only, but it turned out I was being too literal. It was machine washables.

And the green thing worked out nicely, because the Morrigan I'm planning to knit "wants" to be green. Lime green. Or maybe apple green. Well, look at the swatching yarn and check for yourself.

Clockwise from the top left: Rowan Calmer in color 485, RY Cashsoft DK in color 509 and Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in color 29.

I'm in love with this shade of Calmer, which is not on sale on eBay, but the "Refresh" also looks promising. But there is something about the green.

Anyway, I promise to keep you posted on my Morrigan yarn search.

I have another "mystery project" that needs to be green. Enter Misti Alpaca Chunky in color 652.

And now the finale. Drum roll please.....

Not one, but two hanks of Handmaiden Sea Silk, one in Blackberry and one in Capri. I just couldn't decide. One of these will become the Lacewings Amy Singer talked about when she came to Austin.

One last note before bed: there are only 179 people in line in front of me on the Ravelry waiting list.

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Needles said...

Sally, are you going to come really unravelled when you make it to Ravelry? Just kidding. My bad.

Some of those yarns look so good, I can feel them running through my fingers!