Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blog Bits

I'm pretty excited. Wendy Knits gave me an honorable mention for my sock name. (Yes, Death to Smooshy was mine.)

Thanks to Needles blog entry, I have discovered a new frontier in needle sizes. I needed to convert millimeters to US needle sizes, so I Googled "knitting needle gauge" and came up with this chart. According to the chart, there are needles as small as US 00000000. There may be hope for my loose gauge. These needles must exist somewhere, right?

You should read about the Yarn Harlot and panties. Seriously. Just do it.

Finally, in Ravelry news, as of right now there are only 44 people ahead of me in line. Hopefully my next post will be about my new Ravelry account.

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