Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blog Bits Saturday

Knitty is now a registered trademark.

Stash and Burn is holding a one skein project contest. See the blog for details.

The Sweet Sheep is starting a self-striping sock club.

I'm loving Grumperina's "Elegant Scarf."

Yarn Pr0n and Healthy Spine Socks are at Wendy Knits.

I've loved these socks since the beginning, even the colorway (which isn't normally the type of colorway I go for.) Now, Persistent Illusion has the finished product. (BTW - One summer, we learned all about the Bo Diddley beat in drum lessons. But that's another story.)

Speaking of Persistent Illusion, everyone is buzzing about Cat Bordhi's new book, but she saw her in person. (FYI - She also contributes her cast-on method to the book.)

Go see Spinal Cat's Knitty Calendar Contest entry. Her entry looks better than mine. Spinal Cat also spun some yarn from an interesting source.

I have to thank Needles for her shout out. And now I must try Zitron Loft.

Crocheted Crabs are awesome!

There's another contest at This Kitten Knits. Be sure to tell them Sally Comes Unraveled sent you.

Finally, Amy Singer and Knitgrrl are posting their Knitting Scout Badges. I'll have to put some up some soon.


SpinalCat said...

Thanks for the shout-out!
I forgot to say that I love that Jo-Ann's Dolcetto. I used it for my giant squid hat/stuffed animal thingie. You wouldn't believe how much trouble I had finding white bulky yarn. Maybe I was only looking in craft stores at the time. . .

Needles said...

Thanks for the shout out Sally. I worked it up, Loft is wonderful. I sort of hope they have some left the next time I allow my car to wander over there. I'm currently restraining myslef. Its not working very well.