Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blog Bits Saturday

It's 1:18 p.m. - ish on Saturday. Do you know where your knitting is?

Time for blog bits:

Knit and Tonic has a cool lace scarf pattern up, and some very valid points on rolling scarves.

Grumperina finished her "underpants blanket."

Speaking of Grumperina, if you read about her bleeding yarn drama (and the follow up,) be sure to read the happy ending. The good people at Schaefer offered to replace her yarn, and assured her that they were well aware of the problem with that particular dye and fiber combo. They have discontinued Clara Barton in Andrea. Does anyone else thing it's ironic that the Clara Barton colorway bleeds bright red? (BTW - the problem seems to only be when Clara Barton is combined with Andrea, not the other yarns.)

f. pea talks about tags for handmade gifts. I tend to use giant slips of paper, but I may have to make some fancy ones like she does. Also, there's a pattern for a felted Elph case.

The Sweet Sheep is taking suggestions for incentives/discounts for its customers. Also, read about the "Knittin' Kitty.

Persistent Illusion tackles gauge and lace.

Speaking of lace, there's another masterpiece in the works at Knitspot.

There's bamboo, sock bags and enabling at Shut Up I'm Counting.

I'm horrified, but I can't look away from this bit of inspiration at Rosy Delights. I wish I knew where it came from and, why anyone would knit sweaters for dead sparrows.

Finally, get out your needles, it's a giant ball of twine!

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SpinalCat said...

Did you get anything in on time for the knitty calendar contest? I only got to shoot one of my ideas cause I procrastinated, then had a migraine for several days. But I sent in 3 pics from the shoot (of my Nautie), though I think only one of them's very good. Not quite sure what they're looking like though, so why not submit the max #?