Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Skein Candidates

I'm really excited about the Stash and Burn One Skein Contest.

I started wondering if I had some good one skein candidate in my stash. Most of my single skeins are "dedicated" for something, or meant to be combined with something else.

As you can see, I had no reason to worry. And plenty of reasons to start logging stash on Ravelry.

Handmaiden Sea Silk - You saw this from Hill Country Weavers sale. Will I have time to make Lacewings before the September deadline?

Lorna's Laces Grace - What can you do with a single skein of loopy mohair? (For that matter, what do you do with any amount of loopy mohair?) I was originally going to combine with the tiny bit of Lion and Lamb left from my Moebius. What was I thinking? (I was thinking it was cheap.)

Lion Brand Color Waves - Originally intended for the Size 50 Throw but I ended up not using it.

Joann Sensations Splendor - Hmm..not online. I wonder if it's discontinued. I have one full and two partial skeins. The rules allow for the equivalent of one skein if you're mixing partials, or using really tiny skeins.

Katia Jamaica - Not quite a full skein, left over from my Cherry Bomb. There are some new knitters at Bluebonnet using it for dishcloths. I don't know if I can bring myself to do that with my precious Jamaica.

Dancing Fibers Serendipity - Speaking of partials, this is leftover from my Mardi Gras Scarf I was originally thinking hat, but it's kind of itchy. Maybe I'll felt something. Love the colors.

Robin Pascal's Superwash Merino - 300 yards of sockweight from the Lone Star State Knitters Christmas swap. Is this enough for one pair of socks?

RYC Wool Silk DK - Almost forgot this one. It's left over from my Knucks.

Claudia Handpainted Yarn (Sport Weight) - I swatched this a while back. A hat or something, maybe?

Feza Kid Mohair - This was purchased at the Knit n'Knibble at a sale ages ago. I have no idea what I was thinking. I think the lace weight scared me, so I bought it to challenge myself.

Joann Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto - Sooooo soft! I may save these and combine them.

Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande - The lime was another Knit n' Knibble purchase. They asked me what I'd do with one skein. I said "probably a hat." The sad thing is, it's perfect for my next Knitty Submission, but that means I can't post it for the contest.

I also have a partial skein left from a Basketweave scarf I made for my uncle.

Caron Felt-It - I think the name says it all.

Berroco Ultra Alpaca - I bought these for Knucks, but ended up doing something else with it. However, when I saw them, it hit me - Center Square!

Plymouth Encore - I've saved this for ages for the Mike Nesmith hat I want to make.

Schaefer Anne - I bought this from Sandra Singh on the yarn crawl I went on. It's one of the one-of-a-kind "potluck" colors. I know Anne is sometimes considered a sock yarn, but with my loose gauge, I made need to knit some lace with it.

Yarn Bee Sweet Delight (Hobby Lobby's store brand) - I bought this on a whim because I loved the color. It's handwash though. But I'm thinking socks, maybe? Or mittens?

? - I bought it on eBay. Not sure why. It's 100% Wool.

Crystal Palace Party Ribbon - I know exactly what to make with this.

My yarn from the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap - I'm thinking Jaywalkers for me.

Schaefer Marjaana - I fell in love with it at Sandra Singh's just after it was discontinued. I didn't care much for the colorways she had, but I did snag one in Rosa Parks (right) and another on eBay in an unknown colorway. Still wish I could get it in something less neutral-ish. (Yes, I know it's back at Little Knits.)

BTW- Is it cheating to use worsted weight yarn in 550 yard skeins in a one skein contest?

Debbie Bliss Merino DK - Some more from the Knit n' Knibble sale. The 2 dark blue ones will be used together. Now the other three, I was originally going to use together. I don't know. We'll see.

Bernat Galaxy - There should be a waiting period before buying Walmart clearance yarn. It's ok, but what am I going to do with it?

Various "No Boundries" yarn from Walmart - See above.

These are leftovers from my (pathetic) No Sheep For You submission swatches. The top right is Mondial Splendid, the top left is Artful Yarns Fable and the bottom is the now discontinued Berroco Denim Silk I'm going to trade to Nicki.

Wool Ease ChunkyThis is a partial skein left over from a hat, I think.

Wow, that's a lot. And it's all on Ravelry now. I'm taking pattern suggestions. Please comment.


SpinalCat said...

Loopy mohair = potato chip scarf! I'm not sure how much you would need, though. For the version that's knit longways, you'd be kinda stuck if you ran out. There's a version in Scarf Style that's knit end to end using short rows, though.
I think 300 yards of sock yarn would at least be good enough for cute ankle socks, if not taller. Start toe-up and go until you've used up half by weight.

knitphomaniac said...

oh yurm... lots of stash.

I've been going through mine and just going balistic with knitting wrist/arm warmers.

Worst comes to worst, on my blog I'm collecting knit or crochet 8" squares to stitch together to make some charity blankets, if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for one skein of your blue sensations yarn to finish a sweater. Do you still have it? If so I would love to buy it from you. Joanne discontinued it!

shansays said...

I had a similar issue with that damn loopy mohair, I plied it with wool and it felts up beautifully. To date, I have made two felted small bags with it. I am shansays on raverly if you want to look at my projects.