Saturday, July 26, 2008

The "Holidays in July" Party at Gauge

I got new yarn!

I went to the "Holidays in July" party at Gauge today, and this is what I got in the White Elephant swap. I brought some Lorna's Laces Grace in the "Watercolor" colorway. (The picture I took is pretty blurry, but you can see it here is you want.)

This is Classic Elite Premiere, a cotton/tencel blend. I think I'm going to swatch with it, although it's tempting to make a project. But I think I'd rather swatch, and then I can buy more if I want. Then I'll have a better idea of what I should knit with it.

There were lots of yummy goodies, blueberry-champagne cocktails and sparkling conversation.

At some point we got into a conversation about ways to store notions. Several people are using these fly fishing containers. (Pill boxes are also a popular choice.)

I had to take a picture of me and Emily. Alexandra said we are like twins. She later clarified it had to do more with our interests, although I think there is a slight resemblance.

Did I mention that Gauge now has Silk Garden Sock in stock?


I'm hoping to coin "OPP" (other people's projects) as the next new online knitting abbreviation. Here's some OPP from today.

Carnivorous baby pants! (I forgot the knitter's name. If it's you, let me know.)

Alexandra's colorful baby blanket.

Here's another one by Alexandra, a big felted bag.

Jane's socks, on her awesome dpn holders with skulls on them.

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