Friday, July 25, 2008

You down with OPP? (Other People's Projects)

I seem to have collected a bunch of pictures of projects other people are working on (or have already completed.) I decided it was time to publish them.

These first four are from the Ravelry party at the Knitting Nest.

Michelle's completed Celtic Tote.

Lynn's completed Wing-’o-the-Moth Shawl. (Full details here.)

Nicki's Spring Forward socks in progress. Nicki dyed the yarn herself with Kool Aid.

Christina's Neck Down V Neck Maternity Sweater # 274 in progress. Christina is due in November, and hopes this will double as a nursing sweater.

I took this picture at Bluebonnet the other night, but I forgot to write down the woman's name. (It began with a W, I think.) Apparently they dyed sock blanks at the last mystery night. (I don't know if this is the brand they used, but this is a sock blank.) I had to get a picture of the blank turning into socks.

Finally, Mom has been working on BYOB from the latest Knitty. She even splurged on the Cotton Ease recommended in the pattern. (Mom says she can't afford nice yarn because she spent all her money on college from me and my sister.)

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