Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Million Little T-Pins

The Finishing on the Firsts Ravelry group got me going, but I still haven't finished blocking my Strangling Vine scarf. I'm farther along than last time, but I still have a long way to go.

Just before I took this picture, I had started on the third box of T-Pins. My goal is to at least finish the third box tonight. I think it will take at least four to finish. I don't know if I have fourth lying around, or of I'll need to buy another box.

I know that's a lot of pins, but other knitters have told me there's no such thing as too many pins when it comes to blocking lace. (Or maybe it was blocking in general.)

In other Ravelry news, I joined the "Tour de Fleece" group, and I plan to do some Navajo plying during the Tour de France. I haven't been spinning much since I got stuck while plying my Merino. I'm hoping this will get me going again.

For the parting shot, I made some good progress on my Broken Scarf today, and I', realizing that striping the two skeins was the right choice. I'm also taking suggestions for a better name.

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