Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bits and Pieces: WIP, Gauge and Knitty

I've had to unravel big chunks of these socks twice because I got off by a couple of stitches. But after completing the heel flap tonight, I feel like I'm finally making progress on my Wickerware Socks.

I went to movie night at Gauge tonight, and worked on the heel flap while we watched Edward Scissorhands. I got to show it to another knitter who hadn't seen what a heel flap before.

(BTW - Gauge is having their Holiday in July party on Saturday. The yarn swap is at 3 p.m., I believe.)

Also, the Knitty surprise is up. This time, all three are tops. Vickie Howell's Tank Girl has a couple of quirky dropped stitch "runs" for interest. Hey, Teach! has the most potential for me, personally. It's a breezy short sleeve cardigan. And, I don't know if I'd actually ever knit Sea Triangles, but I love the design ideas behind it, and the fact that someone did an entire garment out of Habu.

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