Saturday, July 12, 2008

10 things *I* think are worth spending more on

This post at Gather Little by Little inspired a last minute post of my own.

I've been working on spending less, but there are some areas where I don't cut corners. Here are 10 things that *I* think are worth spending more on.

1. Yarn - Well duh. This is what makes me happy. This my luxury, for which I forgo other luxuries. And as I progress and my stash grows, I focus on quality, not quantity. And notions and needles fall into this category as well.

2. Air Conditioning - I recently read somewhere about how much you can save by not using your air condition, using it less, turning up the thermostat, etc. Personally, I think it's worth it to spend the summer in comfort.

3. Health Insurance - Anyone who talks about raising your deductible to save money hasn't had health problems.

4. High Speed Internet - Hours of entertainment and enrichment.

5. Ibuprofen Gel Caps - I still get the generic brand, but I pay more for the gel caps, which work faster.

6. Prescription Medication - "Ask your doctor about cheaper alternatives"? Hell no. It took me a long time to find meds that work. I'm not going to switch just to save money. (This does not include generics, which are the exact same medications. If a med I need has a generic, I buy it. I'm referring to finding a different medication altogether for a lower copay or a generic alternative.)

7. TV Dinners for lunch - Sandwiches or ramen would be cheaper, but I'd get tired of it real fast and default back to going out to eat everyday. TV dinners, however, I can stick with, and I still spend less on lunch.

8. Comfortable shoes that are worn on a regular basis - I agree with author of the Gather Little by Little blog post. I won't spend much on shoes to match one outfit for a special occasion, or a pair I want just because I like them. But comfortable shoes that get everyday wear are worth it. A pair of Tevas lasts me a few years and is worth every penny.

9. Feminine Hygiene Products - When I deviate from *my* brands, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I stick with what I know.

10. Sunscreen - I don't spend a lot of time outdoors, but when I do, I spring for Neutrogena sunscreen. It's not greasy and heavy, which means I'm more comfortable and more likely to reapply.


Sarah said...

#9 - Cloth or a Diva Cup is waaaaaay better (i.e. MUCH more comfortable) than disposable anything :) You could even make your own!

I totally agree with the rest though! :D

Christian Finances said...

#3 - since I write about personal finance, I will address this one. I suggest that people raise deductibles when they can, but only after they have a nice sized emergency fund created. That way when something arises you have they amount of the new (and higher) deductible in the emergency fund.

The added benefit is that by raising the deductible, you can save a lot of money each month and then take that amount and put it towards your emergency fund each month. Then it just grows even faster.

Café Chick said...

I love the list - it's got me wondering what *my* top 10 would be. Totally agree with 1-4 (although I'd replace yarn with 'embroidery materials'), 6 & 8. Some things are always worth it!