Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Tens: Ten Free One Skein Patterns for Malabrigo Hats

In less than a year, all the knitters around me have gone crazy for Malabrigo yarn. It's suddenly popped up in a couple of different LYS's in Austin, and become the center of a campaign on Ravelry.

One of the great things about Malabrigo is that it comes in a rainbow of colors. If you're tempted to try them all, these patterns should get you started. They can be knit with one skein or less of Malabrigo Worsted, and they're all free. And if this is just the hats, imagine what else is out there.

All pictures used with permission. You must be a Ravelry member to access Ravelry downloads. Don't worry, it's free to join.

1. Lucy by Woolly Wormhead (This is a pattern from the now defunct Magknits. It's now available as a free Ravelry download. You can see a picture of the original hat here.)

2. Stella's Hat by Melissa Lynn
(You can see a picture of the original here.)

3. The Amanda Hat by Gina House. You may be able to get two hats from one skein if you are careful.

Example knit by Jennifer in Violetas.

4. Hurricane Hat by Andrea Goutier

Example knit by Cathy in Stone Blue.

5. Max's Staircase Tam by Robin DeWeese. This is a kid's size hat, but there is enough yarn in a single skein to make it bigger.

Example knit by Robin in Shocking Pink.

6. Mod Cables Hat by Jeanne Stevenson

Example knit by Jeanne in Geranio.

7. Foliage by Emilee Mooney

Example knit by Jennifer in Polar Moon.

8. Star Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson (Available as a free Ravelry download.)

Example knit by Allison in Blue Graphite.

9. Dean Street Hat by Nina Machlin Dayton. This pattern comes in a variety of sizes, including children's sizes. (Available as a free Ravelry download.)

Example knit by Beth in Forest.

10. The Boy Hat by Elizabeth Heath-Heckman

Example knit by Laura in Oro y Vino.

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