Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour de Fleece 2008: Finished!

I did it!

I achieved my goal for the Tour de Fleece goal. I turned all my soy/wool roving into a skein of Navajo plied yarn.

I also set and plied the other yarns I was working on in the process. I have three handspun yarns to add to my Ravelry page.

It's a good thing, too. I was running out of mugs.

Can you tell that the yarn bled? The picture on the left is before setting the twist, and the one on the right is after setting the twist. I think the difference is more pronounced in real life, but it still looks good.

After setting the soy/wool yarn, I set the Corriedale single. I didn't have to worry about it bleeding. Even with the mug, it's still a little kinky.

I think it's pretty even for the most part. The beginning is slubbier.

This is about six ounces of naturally gray Corriedale in a single. I'm still debating what to do with it.

(There are more pictures of the Corriedale here and here.)

The merino did leave a tinge of blue in the water. However, after the debacle with the bleeding soy/wool, it didn't bother me at all.

I'm really proud of the merino. I plan to make a simple ribbed hat out of it soon.

This is about four ounces of merino total, two in indigo, and two in periwinkle. The two colors were plied together.

There's more pictures of the merino here and here.

I'm so excited. And next year, I'll set an even bigger goal.

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