Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Blog Fodder "contest"

Both Saturday and Sunday I came home and fell asleep before I could blog. I am woefully behind on my blogging already, and it's going to get worse as Christmas approaches.

I need your help. So, I'm holding a "contest." I use the word contest loosely because there aren't really any prizes, except for glory.

During the two and half weeks Jules is here, I'm not planning to blog. I may pop in with some uploaded pictures, but nothing serious. I would like to have some scheduled posts during that time, but it's hard enough to do my regular posts, much less work ahead.

So I'm asking my readers (both of you) to send me some "blog fodder." More than likely, there needs to be something I can link to, like another website, a YouTube clip or a photo on Flickr or a similar hosted site. (Although if you have something without a link, go ahead and send it in. You never know. The main thing is that I can't host other people's images on Flickr, but I do want pictures.) Include a little commentary about it, but you don't need to write a novel. Anything from 1-2 sentences to 1-2 paragraphs will probably work, depending on the content.

I'm looking mostly for content related to knitting, crocheting, spinning and related fiber arts. Some ideas include funny, interesting or helpful YouTube clips, telling us a little bit about your latest FO, reviewing a favorite yarn or book or sharing a yarny disaster. I may post non-fiber stuff if I think it's in "the spirit" of the blog. (Do you have an awesome piggy bank? Send a picture. Does your bunny have a poopy butt? Tell us about it, but maybe skip the butt shot, ok. I may accept some cool holiday stuff as well.)

Send me your content, and if I use it, I'll give you credit for the entry and link to your blog, your Etsy shop, your MySpace page or whatever. (Be sure to tell me exactly what you want me to link to.)

You can e-mail your stuff to sallyvillarreal AT gmail DOT com. I'll accept Blog Fodder until December 16. However, I have no idea how may people will respond, so I may run out of room before then.


Liz G. said...

Blog Fodder for years to come - falling under the category of "Just 'cause you CAN knit - doesn't mean you should..." :

Jackie said...

I posted a blog post today asking for help in photographing black yarn...specifically projects with black yarn so you can see the detail but the color shows up correctly. I love black but my black knitting projects just show up as a blob on my Rav project page. Maybe one of your readers can help?