Saturday, August 16, 2008

Things that cut into my yarn budget: A Clean Bunny Butt

Does this look like a fat bunny to you?

Bunny Foo-Foo

Today I took Bunny Foo-Foo to vet. The diagnosis? She's too fat to clean herself properly. (And her Pasteurella is acting up.)

Yeah, she knows how to get treats out of us.

The vet took her in the back and cleaned her poopy butt and trimmed the fur around it. She's gained weight since I took her to the vet in Spring 2007.

The vet said I need to quit giving her treats, which probably means I need to put her in her cage when I eat. (That's when she begs, or just jumps in my lap to go after the food herself.) I also need to cut her down to only two tablespoons of pellets. I might switch to Oxbow Hay as well, although she seems perfectly happy with the Kaytee Hay.

I also have to give her antibiotics for the Pasteurella for 30 days. That means I'll have to bunny wrestle every morning before for work for the next month.

The good news is that the vet thinks her teeth don't need to be trimmed. This is good, because a teeth trim would have required going under general anesthesia. (And it would have been expensive.)

The damage?

$114.80. That's $57.50 for the exam and $57.30 for the Baytril. *sigh* We talked about doing a "wellness" blood test, but that would have doubled the cost. I'll do it if things don't clear up on their own.


Are you ready for OPP? (Other People's Projects)


After the vet, I set up BFF at Mom and Dad's for the afternoon. We had lunch, and I saw Mom's WIP.

Mom is still working on BYOB. She had to use a really small needle to get the gauge, now the middle is a little tight. However, it will probably grow once she actually puts stuff in the bag.

Mom's also open to advice on weaving in the ends. She's using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, and the ends are coming unraveled. Later on I'm going to see what Amy Singer says.

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