Sunday, August 3, 2008

Things that suck (and a few that don't)

On Friday I said I was going to take care of a few things.

more cat pictures

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Here are some things that sucked about this weekend.

Cleaning Sucks

I put the blog on hold in an attempt to try the "Jules Method" of cleaning. Jules likes to clean, and do most other unpleasant activities, all at once. I spread them out in small doses. He often says we can clean my apartment in one day if we commit to it. I say no, because that day will never come. I think I need a year. At least.

But this weekend I was going to work on my dining room. I use "dining room" loosely. It's not a room, just the corner where the kitchen and the living room meet. And I've never dined in there.

And the fact that I've never eaten there is why I want to clean it. I think I can make better use of the space, rather than just putting a fold out table in the middle and calling it a dining room. I could move the bunny cage around and store a few things. in there.

But I didn't actually do any of this.

Bunny Poop Sucks

Bunny Foo-Foo has a problem. It's called "Poopy Butt". (Or at least that's the scientific name.) It's exactly what it sounds like. And besides being gross, it's going to warrant a trip to the vet.

And I'm not even going to go into cleaning it here.

The IRS Sucks

After multiple tries, I finally got through to the IRS about the stimulus I should have received almost two months ago. If I'm lucky, I'll get a replacement check in 4-6 weeks. If I'm not lucky, they'll discover that someone else already cashed my check, I'll get papers to open an investigation in 4-6 weeks.

I had that money earmarked for the dentist and to meet my deductible, both of which I've already done. I'm debating whether to put it in savings, or pay off debt.

Heat Sucks

It's been in the triple digits all weekend. I spent a good chunk of my weekend napping in the AC. Saturday I decided to go to the pool, but it was locked. At 2 p.m. on a Saturday. What's that about?

I did go visit friends Saturday night. I swear I burned my finger typing in the entry code at the gate to their apartment.

Running Out of Yarn Sucks

Alpaca with a Twist's "Big Baby" is awesome. The Jute Rope pattern is awesome. (Scroll down.) Together, they make an awesome project when you're in a funk.

What sucks is that the two skeins I have will make for a really short scarf. And I realized this after I had knit through an entire skein. I think I'm going to frog it and start over, making it thinner this time. I considered adding a button or making a cowl, but I really like it as a scarf.

Things that Don't Suck

Now that I've spent a lot of time whining, I'm going to spend a little time on some good stuff.

The Ravelympics are awesome. (Ravelry Link)

Next weekend's Houston Yarn Crawl will be awesome.

Color Tools like the Palette Generator and Cymbolism are awesome.

In conclusion, taking a blog break in an attempt to accomplish something doesn't work.

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