Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FO: Mardi Gras Potholder

Remember this potholder?

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It's finally felted and finished.

The Ravelympics' WIP Wrestling event is designed to help you finish projects from the very bottom of your knitting bag. This one was really far down in my bag. I finished knitting it nearly a year ago, but stalled on felting it.

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I threw the potholder into the wash with my Dad's Topo Chico Cozy in May. It felted some, but there was still some stitch definition. This wouldn't have been a problem if the edges were straight. I needed to felt it more so I could trim the edges with out it unraveling.

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Here is the potholder after I threw it in the wash with my sheets yesterday. (The penny is added for scale.)

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As you can see, I was able to trim the edges and even things out without worrying about it unraveling.

I used US Size 9 needles and leftover scraps of Dancing Fibers Serendipity. This potholder will go in my craft show bin.

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