Friday, August 8, 2008

Lighting the Torch

Let the games begin.

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Last night I signed up for a ridiculous amount of events for the Ravelympics, including putting all my WIPs in "WIP Wrestling."

If you don't know what the Ravelympics are, you need to join Ravelry and find out. Basically everyone is signing up for events (projects) in different categories, and knitting the items before the Olympics are over.

I'm actually watching the opening ceremonies for the real Olympics as I type this. Now that I have DVR, I was able to pause it earlier when I was trying to track down yarn, then fast forward through the commercials.

I'm starting with Center Square. It took me a long time to settle on what needle to use. I didn't realize until tonight that it's double stranded. I tried several needle sizes on magic loop, and I tried casting it on US size 6 needles from my Boye Needlemaster.

This needle didn't work for me.

The smallest length cable I have is 20 inches. The pattern recommended 16 inches. It felt really awkward because the stitches were stretched out on the needle. At the same time, the needle was so short that it was hard to handle.

Normally I do hats on dpns, but for my first stranding, I want to do something a little easier. So I finally found that a 40" Addi Turbo in US size 4 worked.

Size 4. The patterns recommends size 11. I may be loose, but how tight does you gauge have to be to get more than 4 stitches per inch with double stranded worsted weight yarn on US Size 11 needles?

I also worked on one of my WIP Wrestling projects tonight.

My scarf needs blocking

Remember this scarf?

My scarf needs blocking

It really needs blocking. I tried the slipping the first stitch of every row like the pattern suggested, and I think it screwed things up. I was probably over thinking the tension. If I'd relaxed I would have been fine.

Soaking my Scarf

So I soaked it in Eucalan...

Blocking the scarf

...and pinned it down. I didn't have to worry about this crap again, although I had to fold it in the middle to get it to fit in the closet.

Tomorrow I start the hard fun stuff with the colorwork on Center Square.

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