Thursday, August 7, 2008

Knormal Knitters

Since I got DVR, I've been taping Oprah. Tonight I was watching an episode I recorded earlier this week, and I spotted some knitting in an unexpected place.

The episode was about sex (a rerun, I found out.) In the course of the episode, they interviewed a couple in an open marriage. The wife, named Hollie, has a boyfriend that her husband knows about and approves of.

They showed a clip of her and her husband at her house, to show that she's a "normal" wife and mother. And in the clip they revealed something interesting. (At least to me.)

Hollie is a knitter.

They show her knitting something yellowy-orange with double pointed needles during the clip of her at home. "I knit for everyone and anyone," she says. As they go to commercial, they showed a little more of her knitting.

You can read her story here.

It was a surprising place to see knitting.

I'm not going to go into the pros and cons of open marriage here, although personally, I couldn't do it. But you'd expect someone who uses double-pointed needles in the age of magic loop to go against the grain. (I know I do.)

I wonder how the sweater curse applies in this situation?

Speaking of Kinky...

Milk Fiber Single

I finished my milk fiber single. Now how do I set the twist in this stuff?

I'll probably go on Ravelry tonight and see what I can find. I have so little, I don't think I'll ply it. And while it doesn't seem to need setting as much as other singles, it does kink up. But it doesn't act like normal yarn. See for yourself.

Yes, I'm holding the drop spindle between my toes.

It seems to hit some kind of ... something. Critical mass? Tipping point? It lies almost perfectly straight, then suddenly kinks up like crazy when you get the two strands close enough together. I need a physics expert to help me out. (Hi Heather!)

Shout Outs

My buddy Sam just got his website up and running recently. Go say hi and read some of his writings.

I finally got permission to use all the photos I need for my Tuesday Tens list. Thanks Hannah!

The Ravelympics begin tomorrow, and I am officially on Team Austin, but I'm still picking my events.

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SpinalCat said...

I know a few poly knitters, but even more poly sex educators. Big surprise, huh? I've come to the conclusion that everyone in California is poly, bi, and in Hawaii all the time.